Mamby On My Beach

Birthday Girl!

The Hoops and Rise and Fall of Louis

The title gives more questions than answers…  Who is the mystery man wielding a delicious Schlitz?  Why is Louis sad?  Why is Jack straddling a guitar suggestively sipping a CRISP Tangeuray and Tonic?  There’s plenty of answers to these questions but a true magician never shares his secrets.

I am also making my directorial debut with an amazing and carefully drunken video of Hoops playing “On Letting Go” from their new hit record, Routines. I bought a copy drunk that evening, and it was one of the best decisions of my life.  I’ve never been happier.  I even got an 8-pack of abs and it cured my gout.

(H)oops band

These boys are tight, their music is tight, and these photos are subject to your opinion

At the bottom, I linked their album.  It’s worth your time. I bought it and so should you!

Kaina and Company

White in Mexico

The Sweet Gizz

The Gizz really turned it on after they kicked us out, so just go see them live for the reel deel.

Eishland (Native Translation)

A couple of frands from home and I traveled across the pond to the Ice Nation headquarters, hoping to get a glimpse of life before the Fire Nation inevitably comes in and tears their culture to pieces.  Here’s our tale in photo form.  Apologies for the lack of nudity.