Wats Ben Goen Awn


I was graced with the (Instagram) presence of Alexandra Peace a year ago and she wanted me to go to New Yawk for sometime now.  We hadn’t ever met, but incidentally had a wonderful weekend in the woods.  And she has talented friends who featured our fotos, here…


Some of these will be a repeat but they’re still beautiful.  I look forward to a blossoming relationship with the folks at POND because they do fabulous work. But what wasn’t featured there was a bunch of illustrations I asked some folks (and others asked me) to do in my small notebook.  Ada Lea, Liz Cooper, Vundabar,  Common Holly, Olive and Alexandra all doodled and they’re neat.  (Let me know if you want more context).

Just a few short weeks later, my best pal and I, Jimmy Drenovsky, of Motel Breakfast, and I trekked to Kalamazoo, Michigan for the beauty and wonderment of Audiotree Music Festival.  We made some interviews with the lovely and talented groups Hi-ker, Campdogzz, and Liz Cooper & the Stampede.  I did small foto shoots with each and would love to do more in the future.  Links will be available at the bottom.

And finally, at the end of August my pop, his pals and I went to central Ontario to go fishin’.  Had to remember how to fish, and had a week free of many vices.

Anyways, I just want to continue to reiterate how incredible the folks I meet are.  Whether they be musicians, architects (hi, Olive), or anyone.  I couldn’t make my images without the people who inhabit them.  And for that, I thank you.  Keep makin’ tunes, but mostly just art in general, and I’ll keep in touch with ya.  I like words, I’m going to do this more.  Thanks for sharing with me and I’ll keep sharing with you.


Michael (your fotobooty and fotob0y)

The Hoops and Rise and Fall of Louis

The title gives more questions than answers…  Who is the mystery man wielding a delicious Schlitz?  Why is Louis sad?  Why is Jack straddling a guitar suggestively sipping a CRISP Tangeuray and Tonic?  There’s plenty of answers to these questions but a true magician never shares his secrets.

I am also making my directorial debut with an amazing and carefully drunken video of Hoops playing “On Letting Go” from their new hit record, Routines. I bought a copy drunk that evening, and it was one of the best decisions of my life.  I’ve never been happier.  I even got an 8-pack of abs and it cured my gout.

(H)oops band

These boys are tight, their music is tight, and these photos are subject to your opinion

At the bottom, I linked their album.  It’s worth your time. I bought it and so should you!